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Each of my parents have an Echo Show 8. Mom at an assisted living facility and Dad at a nursing home. We were satisfied customers of the Soundmind service, which provided these ES8s, helped set them up with an assigned phone number, and provided a web portal so a family member (me) could remotely manage contacts and a few other features on their ES8s. Unfortunately, Soundmind recently announced they are discontinuing service on October 15th. As part of their announcement, they referenced a website for Alexa Together, a similar service that Amazon will be providing soon, but are not yet. In the meantime, I plan to follow Frank's instructions above to connect each device to a new Amazon account for each of my parents. Finally, my question... since I can only create one Google Voice account with my mobile phone, can I use my Mom's iPad Pro (Gen 2) to... (a) request a Google Voice number (she already has a gmail account); (b) enter that number while using her iPad to create Mom's Alexa account; and (c) receive a verification code via text message?