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Being free to get from one place to another when you want is a very important ingredient of an independent life. But it becomes harder as you get older — and either can’t (or don’t want to) drive anymore, or can’t walk as far as you used to.

We are exploring solutions to these challenges. This is our Topic Hub for coverage of things related to getting around and mobility tech.



Featured Research

When to Stop Driving: Who Decides, & How?

No-one wants to cause an accident. But for many older adults, being able to drive is a sign that they are still in control of their own destiny, and a strong symbol of liberty and freedom. So the question “When to stop driving?” is a thorny one. Equally important are the questions: “Who should decide it’s time to stop driving?” and “How to decide?


swivel car seat exploration

Getting In and Out of Cars: Gadgets that Help

Our explorers have been trying out various gadgets that let them get in and out of cars more easily. So far we have focused on two types of products. The first is a swivel car seat, and the second is a sort of extra “car handle for the elderly”.

Best Lighted Cane

Our Explorer circles of older adults wanted a walking cane with a light that would help make getting out at night safer. The Explorers found some promising lighted canes online, purchased a few that looked especially good, tried them out, and decided on one which was “the best”. 

Best Rollator (Walker): Older Adults Explore

When acquiring a Rollator or Walker, which features matter for a given individual? And how does one decide which is the best walker or rollator to get for yourself, or a parent or spouse? The Longevity Explorer community explored questions like these.

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