Clothing and Older Adults


Who wants to wear “old people clothes“?

This is a common sentiment among the older adults who come to our Longevity Explorer meetings or read this website, especially when the discussion turns to clothes that fall into the category of “adaptive clothing“. 

On the other hand, there are many situations where clothing designed for older adults needs to diverge from what the fashion industry designs for people in their 20’s and 30’s. There are changes in body shape, and conditions like arthritis, tremor, or peripheral neuropathy, that require some rethinking of how clothing functions.

This is the “Topic Hub” where we collect the results of our explorations into clothing for older adults. We are seeking clothing that is stylish. And clothing that has specific functions that help it adapt to some of the physical and mental changes that occur as we age.

Featured Research

arthritis clothing

Arthritis Sufferers: Struggling with Clothing?

We have been looking for  good arthritis clothing solutions. These products range from various special shoes for arthritis to a special type of arthritis bra. This article uses videos from around the web to demonstrate some of those solutions, and we add our comments and questions.

Additional Research in this Topic Hub