About Tech-enhanced Life

Together with a community of older adults called the Longevity Explorers, we are exploring the future of aging, and the intersection of aging and technology.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of older adults and their families.


What We Do

  • We create insights for older adults (published on this website) — with an emphasis on pushing off the day at which getting older gets in the way of living life to the full.
  • We provide advisory services for companies — who want to develop products and services that older adults actually want, need, and will pay a premium for.
  • We enable, and lead the Longevity Explorers: a unique sharing, evaluation, and ideation community— made up of older adults (in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s), and their friends, families, and caregivers.


About The Company

Tech-enhanced Life, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation, incorporated in Delaware, USA. This relatively new class of corporation combines the features of a mission-driven, non-profit organization with the focus and innovative spirit that comes from being a for-profit business. As a PBC we are allowed to have a dual purpose: making our shareholders happy, while also focusing on our mission.

The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to improve the quality of life of older adults and their families. This formal mission is codified in our Certificate of Incorporation.

We believe in the power of market-driven capitalism as a force for change, which is why we are a PBC rather than a conventional non-profit organization. While our business model is still a work in progress, we expect to share the economic benefits of this adventure with the members of our collaborative community — and especially with the Longevity Explorers.

We are based in Silicon Valley, but aspire to create a global community that can make a real impact on the quality of life of aging people around the world.


The Underlying Idea

We believe that there is huge potential for development of clever new products and services that will greatly improve the quality of life of all of us as we age.

Unfortunately, all too often the people who understand the problems, and the people who could solve those problems, inhabit different worlds.

We want to bring these groups together and work collaboratively to identify and / or help create new solutions to the challenge of living longer, with higher functionality — at costs that are affordable to individuals and to nations.


Collaborators & Contributors

The Tech-enhanced Life website is how our community of Longevity Explorers share what we learn with older adults around the world. It is also a platform where experts, evaluators, makers — and others interesting in improving the quality of life as we age — share their learnings.

We publish learnings from our community of Longevity Explorers, as well as insights from domain experts, and original research by our internal analyst team and other collaborators. We especially like to publish explorations by citizen evaluators of product categories, and “hacks” by makers trying to improve their own quality of life, or that of their parents.

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Tech-enhanced Life was founded by three co-founders, who have also been the primary supporters and leaders of this “experiment” since its inception, contributing their energy, time, and funding.

You can see brief “author bio’s” of the three at the links below.