Longevity Explorers: About

View this video of Richard Caro introducing the Longevity Explorer project at the San Francisco Village, Sept. 2015.

The Longevity Explorers are a group of Citizen Observers, Evaluators & Makers. Working together to improve the quality of life of people as they age.

Goals: Harness the power of the crowd to create insights that seniors and their families can use today to improve their quality of life. And collaborate with others to create new products and services that will change the future of aging.

Key Building Blocks: Explorer Circles; Better Aging Reference Library; Collaborations with Developers, Researchers and Makers.

Explorer Circles

Longevity Explorer circles consist of small groups (5-20) of older adults, who meet face to face monthly to help improve the quality of life of all of us as we age.

In focused, facilitated discussions, our explorer circles: 

  • explore unmet needs related to growing older;
  • try out, critique and compare various interesting products; and
  • engage in brainstorming and ideation about possible ideas for new and better products to help improve quality of life as we age

Better Aging Library

Harnessing the “Power of the Crowd”, the Longevity Explorers are creating an online repository (a Library) where seniors and their friends and family can go to:

  • learn about problems people like them are experiencing;
  • learn how people like them solved those problems;
  • learn what the best available solutions are.

This Library will also be a valuable resource for individuals and groups who want to improve quality of life for the aging but are not quite sure where to start or which problems need tackling.

Developers, Researchers, Makers

We are keen to engage with anyone who would like to collaborate to create new products and services that improve the quality of life of older adults and their families.

Whether you are a company wanting to leverage the insights of our older adult explorers, a market researcher, a small maker team wanting to do some garage developing for your own project, or a lone inventor wanting feedback on your idea, we think there are ways we can work together, and we are excited to help.

Longevity Explorers

Longevity Explorer Business Model

The Longevity Explorers are an initiative of Tech-enhanced Life, PBC. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Tech-enhanced Life is allowed to combine a "Mission" (like a non-profit) with the focus and incentives of a for-profit company. We think of it as harnessing the best bits of Silicon Valley Capitalism to chip away at some of the more thorny challenges facing society today. 

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of the aging and their families.

Business model:  We hope that eventually the learning and collaboration that members of the Longevity Explorers do together will lead to meaningful revenues. And when they do, our vision is that these revenues will be shared among those who participate in proportion to the value of their contributions. 


If you want to collaborate, please join our group, tell us about yourself, and get involved.