Longevity Explorers: About

The Longevity Explorers are a unique sharing, evaluation, and ideation community— made up of older adults (in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s), and their friends, families, and caregivers.

This community leverages the insights, and years of accumulated wisdom, of older adults themselves to accelerate the emergence of novel solutions to some of the challenges of aging. We are especially interested in technology-enabled products that can push off the time at which functional decline gets in the way of living life to the full.

The Longevity Explorers community includes circles of older adults who meet regularly face-to-face, as well as a larger “virtual” community of explorers who participate via the Tech-enhanced Life website and email.


What We Do

Together we:

  • explore unmet needs related to growing older;
  • try out, critique and compare various interesting products;
  • engage in brainstorming and ideation about possible ideas for new and better products to help improve quality of life as we age.

Our interactions help us stay engaged and intellectually challenged, and lead to insights we can use for ourselves, and which we hope will also benefit other older adults.

Inputs from us help the Tech-enhanced Life analyst team create insights, product guides, and tools to help older adults live independently for longer — published on this website.

In addition, we sometimes engage with companies & entrepreneurs to help them develop products and services that older adults (like us) will actually want, need, and pay for.

The Longevity Explorer community has been funded primarily by Tech-enhanced Life, PBC during its first two years of life, with support from several non-profit organizations that host individual circles. We are working on a business model that will make the Longevity Explorer community financially self-sustaining, and generate economic benefit for the explorers. 



View this video of Richard Caro introducing the Longevity Explorer project at the San Francisco Village, Sept. 2015.


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In our first 24 months, our 5 circles of older adults (Longevity Explorers) had more than 100 face-to-face circle meetings at which together we explored unmet needs related to growing older; tried out, critiqued and compared various interesting products; and engaged in brainstorming and ideation for new and better products to help improve the quality of life as we age. We are quite excited about the results of our explorations, and this article is to share some of them. .........Read more