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Get ideas you can use today. For you, or for your parents. Hear members of our Explorer Circles discuss challenges they have experienced as part of growing older, and ways they have compensated for those challenges with new products or services or other work-arounds.

Adapt and Overcome

Help from our Crowd

Every month members of the Longevity Explorer Circles meet and compare notes on challenges they face (related to growing older), and ways they have "solved" those challenges.

Harness the power of the crowd to improve quality of life.

It often turns out that one member of a circle has a challenge that is bothering him or her, and another one has already gone through the same experience and has found a solution. There are many examples of this in the audio recordings of circle discussions on this site.

This section of the Tech-enhanced Life website is the place to come when you think to yourself "If only there was a way I could do xxx".

See what others have done and learn from them, and avoid having to reinvent the wheel. And save the time and energy of having to figure out everything for yourself from scratch.

Examples of challenges

These were all topics of recent circle discussions, and appear in our collection of "voices".

  • My imperfect hearing gets in the way of enjoying concerts and social engagements as much as I used to. I wish there were a way to change that.
  • I find it hard to get in and out of a car now, because of arthritis in my hip. I wish I could find a product that made this less of an annoyance.
  • I keep mislaying my car keys and reading glasses. I wish there way a way I could "push a button" and have something tell me where they are.



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Members can read and listen to the full discussions from which the Insights above were derived, and add comments and ideas. We would love your participation in the discussion of challenges faced by older adults, and possible solutions to the things discussed here.


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