Tools to Live Independently Longer

One of the biggest concerns as we grow older is remaining relatively independent, and avoiding reliance on the “kindness of strangers”.

Luckily, an emerging crop of products and services have the potential to help with that. This Topic Hub is the place to start to see our research on the topic of staying independent for longer.

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Technologies for Aging in Place

Seminar Series: Technologies for Aging in Place. Semester 1

Wondering which products and services can help an older adult live independently, with autonomy, as long as possible? Sign up for this seminar series to learn the answers.

Together with a community of older adults called the Longevity Explorers, Tech-enhanced Life has spent the last 8 years exploring the intersection of aging and technology, and evaluating a wide range of products and services designed to help people live independently for as long as possible. In this seminar series, we synthesize what we have learned.

Aging in Place Technology and Gadgets

Aging in Place: Why Technology & Gadgets Matter

In my mind, there is a compelling argument that the right gadgets and technology can make aging in place more successful and less expensive. And by more successful, I am thinking in particular of higher quality of life, more autonomy, and less dependence on the kindness of strangers. I don’t think this argument gets made much in the media or by the aging services industry though. So here it is.

Safety vs autonomy. Independence.

Staying Independent as an Older Adult: The Challenges

Staying “Independent” as long as possible is one of the most important priorities for many people as they age. But what do older adults really mean when they talk of being “independent”, and what are the obstacles to staying independent?

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Future Seminars


We plan for a second semester of this seminar series in which we cover additional topics. The exact timing and topics are “a work in progress”.

If you are interested in being part of semester 2, or have specific topics you want us to cover, feel free to let us know.