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If you think you might be interested in becoming a Longevity Explorer (virtual or face-to-face, anywhere in the world), or helping organize an explorer circle in your location, sign up using the link above.


What happens if I sign up?

We will reach out to you by email and tell you how you can get started as a Longevity Explorer if you want to.

  • You can start participating immediately online in explorations with other explorers like you.
  • Active explorers are eligible to be invited to take part in our sponsored explorations, if you wish.

You will also get our monthly Newsletter (if you don’t already get it).

There are no fees of any sort, and all our emails have a simple unsubscribe button on them. We don’t share your email with others, and no-one will be calling you up to bother you.


Want to take part in face-to-face explorer meetings? Once you signup, we will invite you to join an existing circle if there is one in your area. If there are no circles yet in your location, we will add you to our list and contact you again when there is a critical mass of potential explorers. If you want to help get a new circle started that is also possible.


Want to learn more first?

If you want to learn more about the Longevity Explorers, start here:


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