Smart Home Kit Lists

As we explore various smart home solutions useful for "better aging", we get requests for some specific "kit lists" that contain a collection of the products needed to implement some of the DIY solutions found on this site.

This page is where we keep the lists of products for each of those "kits".

Each kit is associated with a specific "solution", and in some cases with several "solutions". The right way to think of this kit page is as a reference page.

  • Start by picking a "solution" you want to implement. 
  • Then the "solution page" will direct you to this "kit list page" — where you can find the specific products.

Links below in the "kits" go either to the vendor's website or to our listings database, where you can find a link to the vendor's website. Often the links are to "Amazon". In some cases, the links are "affiliate links", which means that when you buy something using those links the vendor shares a small portion of their revenue with Tech-enhanced Life. This does not affect the price you pay, and we use the proceeds to help fund the costs of providing insights like these to readers for free.


Kit Lists Table of Contents




Smart Lighting "Kit Lists"

These kit lists relate to the smart lighting solutions you can see here.

Smart Lighting Kit #1: Bluetooth Smart Bulbs



Smart Lighting Kit #2: Wi Fi Smart Bulbs



Smart Lighting Kit #3: Zigbee Smart Bulbs



Smart Lighting Kit #4: Smart Switch





Smart Bathroom Kit List(s)

These kit lists relate to the smart bathroom recipes that you can see here: Smart Bathroom Features for Older Adults (coming soon).


Automatic Bathroom Lights Kit List

For the basic equipment of light(s), and Alexa, use:

  • Smart Lighting Kit #1 (above) and select the Echo Flex (link also in the Smart Lighting Kit #1 above).
  • If you prefer it, you can use the Echo Dot with Clock instead of the Echo Flex.


Add the motion sensor. Use either:


Add the Alexa Routine:


Automatic Toilet Flusher Kit List

Depending on whether your toilet has top mounted buttons or a side handle, choose one of the following:


Touchless Faucet & Soap Dispenser


Shower Temperature Control Kit List



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