Toch Sleepsense, bed sensor

Toch Sleepsense, bed sensor

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Toch Sleepsense is a non-wearable sleep tracker designed to allow caregivers to monitor the safety of their loved ones while asleep. It also lets you monitor your own sleep.

It's form factor is a small "puck" that goes under one leg of your bed. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone app that lets you track sleep patterns and can send notifications.

Explorer Frank Engelman included this product in his "Smart Bedroom Features", and his DIY Solution "Sleep tracking Without a Wearable".




How the company describes the product: 

Using high precision sensors, algorithmic and BCG wave technology, Sleepsense detects and reports in real time, heart and breathing rate, sleep activity and quality and notifies caregivers via their cell phones when a health risk is identified during sleep. Placed under the frame of the bed, Sleepsense is uniquesly designed to detect body movement and vital signs no matter where the sleeper is positioned on the bed. Toch Sleepsense won the 2020 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge Award in Canada.

Product Features:

  • Real time monitoring of heart rate and breathing rate
  • Alert notification of potential safety risks such as undetected heart and breathing rate, on bed and off bed notifications
  • Automatic logging of daily sleep pattern and quality
  • Sleep analysis trends and reports 
  • Non-wearable device

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