Media Mentions

Below are articles, or radio shows or podcasts, about, or partly about Tech-enhanced Life or the Longevity Explorers.


Retirees and Smart Homes

All Home Care Matters interviews Dr. Caro
All Home Care Matters

The Longevity Explorers: How older adults are finally influencing the products designed for them

Why are Products for Older People so Ugly?
MIT Technology Review.

Where Tech Meets Aging … Meet Your Future.
Parents are Hard to Raise, by Diane Berardi.

Retirement of the Future: How to Harness Technology as you Age
Retirement Answer Man Podcast.

How Longevity Explorers Are Tipping Technology In Favour Of Seniors.

Article about the Longevity Explorers (in Finnish).

Senior Tech Moves Beyond “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up“.
KQED Science.

Successful Aging: Website companies that can provide valuable connections
Daily Breeze.

Useful Design, Useful Aging: Exploring the Tech Galaxy With Longevity Explorers.
California Health Report.