Retirement Living: Comparison Matrix & Talk

By:  John Milford   |  Posted: September 21, 2015   |  Updated: April 5, 2023

There are a variety of retirement living “business model” options for a person living independently at home to consider when weighing whether to stay or move, as described in this recent article (Retirement Living Options).

They vary from staying put and joining a village for companionship and support services to purchasing a place and moving into a setting that allows for preservation of your home equity.


Talk on Retirement Living Options to the Sausalito Village

Below is a video of a talk given by John Milford to the Sausalito Village in 2017. Further down the page is a comparison matrix to help evaluate which retirement living option is the right one for you.



Retirement Living Comparison Matrix

As an illustration of how to review the options and the frequently asked questions about each, two of our Explorers (John Milford and Candiece Milford) have put together this comparison matrix, using San Francisco Bay Area Housing examples. Candiece works at The Sequoias San Francisco and so some of the examples in the table are specific to that retirement community.

In the table below, the types of retirement living “business model” are listed across the top as either Equity; Equity co-housing; Rental (independent); Rental (assisted living) and Entry fee / Non-equity. For more about these terms see the accompanying article mentioned above.

NOTE: If you want your own copy to enlarge or print, you can download a PDF version at the bottom of the page.


Compare Different Senior Living Alternatives

Page 1:


Page 2:

Page 3:



Additional Senior Living Comparison Resources, from John Milford and Candiece Milford

Below are some additional resources from John and Candiece Milford:

  • A list of the top ten questions to ask when interviewing a retirement community to decide if you want to live there.
  • A list of Californian Non-profit CCRC’s.
  • A list of Californian For-profit CCRC’s

Download the table above (housing comparisons) as a PDF

PDF icon 2.10.2016_finalretirement_living_comparison_2.pdf

Top Ten Questions to ask when interviewing a retirement community

PDF icon ten_commonly_asked_questions_and_resources.pdf


For-profit CCRC’s in California



Non-profit CCRC’s in California








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