Call for Contributors & Collaborators

We are looking for people with insights that can help older adults have a better quality of life. Become a collaborator or contributor to Tech-enhanced Life, and share those insights with our audience of older adults around the world. 


Have you ever invested time and energy figuring out how to overcome or adapt to one of the challenges that come with growing older — or finding just the right product or service?

Have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be good if more people could benefit from what I learned?


Become a collaborator or contributor to Tech-enhanced Life, and share your insights with our audience of older adults around the world. 


Tech-enhanced Life is a Public Benefit Corporation with the mission of improving the quality of life of older adults and their friends and families. We are looking for collaborators and contributors who care about that mission too.


I am interested in contributing or collaborating.



Share Your Insights

At Tech-enhanced Life, we publish a variety of content that fits our overall mission of “improving the quality of life of older adults and their family”. We publish learnings from our community of Longevity Explorers, as well as insights from domain experts, and original research by our internal analyst team and other collaborators. We especially like to publish explorations by citizen evaluators of product categories, and “hacks” by makers trying to improve their own quality of life, or that of their parents.

On the Collaborators & Contributors page, you can see examples of others who have contributed to Tech-enhanced Life, either as an advisor or as a contributor who published their learnings at Tech-enhanced Life. Follow the links to their profiles, and you can see the contribution they have made to the Tech-enhanced Life community.

Below you can see guidelines to help you decide if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to help older adults around the world by sharing your insights.


Why Participate?

The number one reason people become contributors to Tech-enhanced Life, or collaborate with the Tech-enhanced Life team, is that they have some insights of value to older adults and their families, and want to find a way to share those insights broadly with older adults and their families around the world. 

The sort of independent, objective material we publish commands a significant and growing audience of older adults, and their friends and families; of people who work in the aging services sectors; and of entrepreneurs hoping to innovate in the “aging” space.

We work closely with contributors to help shape their learnings, and make sure they get found by people as they search the web for appropriate insights and solutions.

We try hard to recognize and celebrate the contributors and collaborators who generously share their learnings with the Tech-enhanced Life community (Collaborators & Contributors). 

We are looking for people who want to collaborate, because they believe in our mission of improving the quality of life of older adults and their families. We do not pay contributors. Nor do we accept “sponsored content”, advertising, or infomercials.



Guidelines for Collaborators & Contributors

We are interested in almost anything that can help improve the quality of life of older adults. So long as it is independent, objective, and in-depth. We like to publish material that has an original point of view, or contains some original ideas, or stands apart from material you can easily find elsewhere.

Below are some specific types of things we especially like to publish.


Citizen Evaluations

Some of our most popular content stems from a need a specific individual has to find a solution to his or her problem (or to a problem of their parent or friend). Here are some examples:


Homebrew Solutions, Workarounds, & Ideas

Some people go beyond researching available options, and cobble together their own solution.  We think of these as “Homebrew” work arounds, recipes, and solutions. Some people call these projects Maker projects. Here are some examples:


Expert Insights

Domain experts (professionals and academics) have made great contributions to the body of work at Tech-enhanced Life. Just a few of the examples include:



Particularly popular are a series of explorations that come about when our community of Longevity Explorers decides to dig deeply into some specific topic, and pool the insights of multiple groups of explorers.


What We Don’t Like to Publish

We frequently get approached with requests to publish material that falls into one of several categories we don’t feel is a good fit for the community we are trying to serve. To save you time, please don’t enquire about whether we are interested in any of the following.

  • Sponsored content, advertising, or infomercials. 
  • We prefer not to “republish” something you already wrote on your blog or on another website.


I am interested in contributing or collaborating.



Questions? Want to Learn More?

We are happy to discuss anything by phone if you have questions. Please click on the green button above and fill out our “I am interested” form, and we will get back to you to arrange a time to talk.