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If you like what we do, and would like to see it continue, please consider contributing time, ideas, or some funding to help support our work.

Consider a Donation to Support our Research (any amount is welcome)


We get a lot of compliments on the depth and objectivity of our research coverage (of things like medical alerts and medication management tools). And we are excited to see the Longevity Explorer community expand, and enable increasing numbers of older adults to explore the future of aging and the intersection of aging and technology.

These initiatives need your support to continue. Please consider contributing some of your time, ideas, or some funding to help support our work.



Ways You Can Help


Donate Now  

(any amount is welcome)



Your Time or Ideas

  • If you would like to help execute a research project — for example exploring a specific product category or App, and writing up your learnings — we would love to talk with you.
  • If you have ideas about something you think we should work on, that would benefit older adults around the world, we would like to hear from you.
  • If you would like to help start a new Longevity Explorer circle in your community let us know.

If you would like to help support us with either time or ideas, please reach out to us by email and tell us what you have in mind.  




Make a Financial Contribution


High Quality Research is Expensive

The sort of hands-on, comparative evaluations our research team does are expensive.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to acquire multiple medical alerts and test them rigorously, and write up the results. While the research generates some very modest income, the costs are vastly in excess of that income. So, while we want to keep doing this sort of high quality research for our community of older adults, it is not a self-financing endeavor, at least not at present.

So, we have been thinking deeply about the right financial model to enable this research to continue.

We have experimented with the idea of putting the research behind a paywall, but that limits how many people will benefit from it, and makes it hard for economically disadvantaged people to benefit from it, which is not what we want.

We think the answer is … crowdfunding.



The reason we do this type of research is as a service for the community of older adults, and their friends and families, who visit the Tech-enhanced Life website from all around the world and rely on us for objective guidance.

We decided the logical way to fund this research is through what is known as crowdfunding. Basically, we want to invite our readers — those who benefit from our work — to contribute whatever amount they wish to help fund our independent, objective research.

If everyone contributes a modest sum it will help a lot to defray the costs of our research.


Why Help?

We are hoping everyone who has benefited from our research in the past will contribute an amount they think reflects the value of what they have received.

And for those of you who are counting on our research to be there in the future when you or a friend or family member needs it, we ask you also to invest a little to support this research.

By supporting our work, you are contributing to the greater good, and helping older adults around the world benefit from this independent and objective research.


What We are Asking For

If you like our research and want there to be more of it, we are asking you to help fund our research by clicking on the green button below and contibuting. Any amount is welcome.

 C ontribute whatever you feel the work is worth, and that you can afford.


Help Fund our Research

(any amount is welcome)

[Note: We use a third party service called “Stripe” to process our payments, so as you check out you will see this name on some of the pages.]


What You Get in Return

We commit to doing the following:

  • We will continue doing and updating our deep-dive research into product categories like Smart Homes for Older Adults, Aging in Place Tools, and Medical Alerts using the same independent and rigorous approach we have used in the past — so when you need it, it will be there for you.
  • Every penny raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be spent on research. We will use the funds to do the sort of research we have done on medical alerts for other product categories of relevance to older adults and to  improving their lives (we have a long list of things we get asked to work on).   




Additional Details

  • Your contribution will be paid to Tech-enhanced Life, PBC which funds this research.
  • Tech-enhanced Life is a Public Benefit Corporation which allows us to focus on our mission ahead of making a profit. However we are not a “non-profit” and your contribution will NOT be tax deductible for you.
  • This is not an “investment” in Tech-enhanced Life. It is a contribution designed to help fund our research, from which we hope you will benefit.




Help Fund our Research

(any amount is welcome)

[Note: We use a third party service called “Stripe” to process our payments, so as you check out you will see this name on some of the pages.]