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This is the topic hub where we collect the results of our explorations and research relating to hearing. The theme is seeking tools and gadgets that can postpone the time at which hearing issues get in the way of living life.


As we grow older, hearing often deteriorates. If left unaddressed, hearing issues can make it harder to interact with others, and can lead to social isolation and even to depression.

Luckily, there are various tools and assistive devices that can help compensate for imperfect hearing, including hearables, amplifiers, hearing aids, hearing apps, and a variety of more or less complex hearing devices.

This work is designed to complement any advice you may receive from your audiologist. Please start by consulting a medical professional to help understand what specific hearing issues apply to you.

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Featured Content: Hearing


Hearables for better hearing

Hearables: Better Hearing, Less Stigma?

Hearables, which include smart wireless earbuds and some types of hearing aids, have the potential to deliver the benefits of better hearing to a far broader segment of the population than is served by today's hearing aid industry. This includes people with quite modest hearing loss, and people who are put off by the perceived stigma or cost of conventional hearing aids. This article explains exactly what hearables are; who they are good for; and why they are important.



Hearing the TV Better: Older Adults Explore

The community of Longevity Explorers are exploring different hearing gadgets — to see which ones help in various situations, and to share products individual explorers have used and wish to recommend. This article summarizes what we learned thus far about gadgets that can help people hear better while watching TV and movies.



DIY Technology Solutions to Things Bothering My Aging Relatives

My relatives and their friends are in their 70's and 80's and 90's now, and I am finding they have some recurring "problems" that get in the way of life being as enjoyable as I think it should be. I have come up with a variety of DIY "Tech Solutions" to these problems that I have implemented for them. I hope they will be useful for you too.



Featured Explorer Discussions: Hearing

My Mild Hearing Loss and Air Pods Pro

By: John Milford

This is about my experience with different types of earbuds, especially Apple earbuds. In particular, it is about a discovery I made that let me use the AirPods to compensate for my mild hearing loss.

If you like listening to music or podcasts, or regularly talk on your smartphone, you... Read More. Add your Opinions


Hearing Loss and Loud TV: Explorer Report

By: pete

Problem: My wife has lost some of her hearing and she turns up the TV volume loud to hear.

Solution: We bought a BeHear Proxy Neck Speaker and a HearLink Plus in a bundle.

Here is my report of our experience with... Read More. Add your Opinions


Hearing: TV or Movies

By: tel-editors

Ever have trouble understanding what TV or movie characters are saying over the background music? Know anyone who turns the TV up so loud that it is annoying?

We are exploring gadgets that can help in situations like this. Ideally without being ugly, stigmatizing, or super expensive — if... Read More. Add your Opinions


Audiology and Hearing Healthcare Technology @ Providence

Dr. Sarah Caldwell, a clinical audiologist in private practice, led a very informative presentation dealing with the latest technological advances in audiology, with a particular focus on hearing isssues for older people. Along the way she covered the physiology of hearing, the measurement of hearing with audiogram reports, the role of all participants in a conversation to make it work well, and even a little advice about video communication in a time of physical isolation for many of us. 



Passavant explorers evaluate "TV Ears"

The Test Pilots/Passavant Community Longevity Explorers Circle evaluated the product "TV Ears" at their October 2019 meeting. Here are the results.



Cochlear Implants: My Experience

Cochlear Implant and other hearing aids were described and discussed. 



Older Adult Perspectives — Longevity Explorers Discuss:

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