Toenail Clippers for Elderly People

Longevity Explorers are testing various toenail clippers for thick toenails, arthritis, and other challenges that come with age.


Our circles of older adults have been exploring toenail clippers for elderly people. They explain that older adults often have nails that are hard to cut or hard to reach. The explorers are especially interested in toenail clippers for thick toenails, and toenail clippers that will work when a person has arthritis, and thus can not exert a strong grip on the toenail clipper.

Together, we have brainstormed a bit, and gone out and found a range of products that seem promising. You can see them below.


The challenges

The key issues our Longevity Explorers are trying to solve with these toenail clippers are:

  • thick hard to cut toenails;
  • difficulty reaching the toe;
  • arthritic hands making operation of the clippers hard;
  • toes that are bent or otherwise not "as usual" due to conditions like arthritis.

We have narrowed down the array of possible nail clippers and tools to a short list that seem promising for hands-on evaluation. Please look these over, and if you try one out please comment at the bottom on your experience, or come along to our circle discussions and share what you learned.


Listen to the Explorers discussing toenail clippers

You can read about and listen to the series of discussions our explorer circles have had over the last 6 months on finding the "right" toenail clipper. These discussions have been recorded and posted online, and you can click on them and listen to them.

See the discussions on the right of the page (if you are on a large screen) or below (if you are on a small screen). You need to login as a member to see and listen to the discussions.


    Best ToeNail Clippers: The Candidates

    Candidate 1: PETA Long Reach Nail Clipper


    A number of our explorers think this product looks useful. Several of them have tried it out and reported back after using it to actually trim their toenails. It has a nice feel to it, and the handles are comfortable and motion seems smooth.

    Those explorers who were used to using scissors to trim their nails (rather than clippers) liked this product the best of all those we tried.

    View details of this product on Amazon


    Candidate 2: Rotary Nail Clipper

     Rotary nail clipper

    In the actual hands-on testing done by our explorers, this was one of the two most popular "explorer picks" (together with candidate 1 above). For those explorers who liked to use clippers rather than scissors, this product was the top choice.

     View details on Amazon's website


    Candidate 3: Nail clipper with wide jaws for thick nails

     High leverage nail clippers

     View details on Amazon's website  


    Candidate 4: Podiatrist Mycotic toenail clippers

     Mycotic toenail clippers

    Most of our explorers felt this was too heavy an implement, and a bit scary. Several worried they might accidentally cut themselves with it, as it has very strong and fierce jaws. The consensus of our explorers was that this would work best when you had very thick toenails that are hard to cut. And most likely, this tool should be used by someone else to cut an older adult's toe nails rather than by the older adult themself.

     View details on Amazon's website


    Candidate 5: More long-handled nailclippers

    Long handled nail clippers

    This product seems very similar to the PETA product at the top of the list. When the explorers tried it out for actual cutting they mostly felt it did a poorer job of actually cutting than the preferred "candidate #1" at the top of the page.

    In one of our explorer circles, the explorers handled it and commented that the handles were much harder to use (less comfortable and smaller). It feels a little more flimsy than the top long handled scissor.

    View details on Amazon's website


    Candidate 6: Large toenail clipper with magnifier

    toenail clipper with magnifier

    View details on Amazon's website  [unavailable on Amazon when we checked on 9/25/16]


    Note: If you click on the links accompanying each the images above, you will be taken to Amazon (or the manufacturer), where you can read more about each product and buy them if you want. [Disclosure: If you end up buying one from Amazon after clicking on these links, Amazon gives us a few pennies from their revenues.]

    We have no financial interest in any of the products themselves.




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