Technology and Aging


Our thesis is that clever new products, with technology embedded into them, can push out the time at which functional decline gets in the way of living life as we wish.


We founded Tech-enhanced Life to explore the intersection of aging and technology. Together with the Longevity Explorers, we are seeking out technology enabled products and services with the potential of improving quality of life as we age; evaluating them; and sharing what we learn in our Recommendations section.

And, on occasion we roll up our sleeves and work with product developers to help them turn their visions into reality (see how we help companies).

This is our Topic Hub for research into the intersection of Technology and Aging. In this section we collect various pieces of research about older adults and technology. 



Featured Content: Technology and Aging


Technology & the Future of Aging

This is a live recording (slides and audio) of a talk given by Richard Caro entitled "The Future of Aging, & the Intersection of Aging & Technology". This talk was given in March 2019, at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco.



Can Technology Delay Functional Decline?

My favorite question when I meet someone with an idea for a new venture is: “what problem are we trying to solve?". Here is one that is really worthwhile: Delaying functional decline as we age!



Aging "Gray Tsunami": Challenge or Opportunity

The world's growing elderly population is starting to get a lot of attention. As usual, there are several ways to look at this looming gray tsunami. The demographics are typically framed as "a challenge". I prefer to think of this as an opportunity.



Insights for Innovators — Older Adults Discuss:

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