Dosecast Medication App : Review

By:  Jim Schrempp   |  Posted: June 17, 2016   |  Updated: March 22, 2023

The Basics

  • Product: Dosecast
  • Company: Montuno Software
  • Review Date:  July 2016 

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Analyst Summary: Montuno Software   |  Dosecast

The first thing it does is ask to access your contacts; we found that a little off-putting.

Offers a drug database, but for $3/month which includes all “pro” version features.

Some drug searches gave confusing results, even one that was misspelled.

The documentation says it has a limit for the number of reminders on the iPhone.

This Medication App was one of the runners up for the Useful Apps Club selection in July 2016. Read our comparative analysis of medication apps for more details about our evaluations. 



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