CareZone Medication App: Review

CareZone Medication App

The Basics

Product name: Health Info Organizer 

Manufacturer / Distributor: CareZone

Compilation: July 2016


This page contains our CareZone | Health Info Organizer review.



Analyst Summary: CareZone | Health Info Organizer

The CareZone Medication App (when we wrote this, this product was offered by AARP as the AARP Rx App, but this is no longer the case) was one of our two top picks for the Useful Apps Club in July 2016. Read our comparative analysis of medication apps for more details about our evaluations. 

Update: in 2020 CareZone was acquired by Walmart. We have not reevaluated the App since this acquisition. As of May 2021 the App no longer was available for download and the Carezone website no longer functions beyond a splash page.

We conclude the App has been discontinued by Walmart, although we have not seen press releases to that effect.


Original Review

This is a tidy app with a number of good features.

First, to enter your medication the app will guide you into taking several photos of each label on pill bottles and other medication. We were skeptical, but in our testing the medication entry was fast and accurate – even when we purposely took bad photos. Care Zone used information from the labels to collect the names of our doctors, our pharmacies, and prescription numbers, as well as other information. Unfortunately Care Zone does not provide the user with a picture of the medication.

The app also provides “trackers” for recording certain measurements such as blood pressure, pain, glucose levels, and several more. Care Zone can remind you to record a tracker measurement at a certain time each day.

It is easy to export your medication data into an email message. We didn’t find a way to export our trackers or journal entries.

Care Zone supports multiple people, if you handle medications for someone else.

Care Zone also provides a web site that can be used to manage your medication and other information, almost as if you were using the app on your smartphone. Updates in one place are immediately reflected in the other. This is a nice feature if you are more comfortable entering data using your laptop.

Care Zone also allows you to share your information with another Care Zone user. If you do, you are granting them complete access to your medication and other information. The other user will be able to add or delete medications and change dosing schedules for you. More than just a “buddy” everyone in a  particular “care zone” has full access.

You remain the owner of your care zone and you can revoke the share permission, but you have to do that via the web site, not the app. This sharing is a lot, so we suggest you use it with caution.

Care Zone says they are compliant with HIPAA. 


Downloading this App

You can get it at the CareZone website (see link to manufacturers website at top of page).


Second reviewer reactions

By: John Milford.  Updated: October 04, 2016.


AARP CareZone MedRx App

  • 5 Stars (31)  App site rating

  • This is a free app on iTunes (and Play Store) 


The app is Easy to navigate, and its best feature is the ability to enter medications using the phone’s camera to photograph Rx labels. It is helpful, accurate (avoids transcription errors) and a terrific feature! The MedRx app is easy and intuitive at every step.

There is an optional tracker section for various clinical values, and the user can enter only the information to be tracked. The contacts section allows for adding M.D.s, Pharmacy, and any other persons or professionals the user wants to include.

Medication reminders are reliable, appear as set, and so are the refill alerts. 100% reliable. This worked excellently, with no problems.

The only minor annoyance is the obligatory AARP membership ad which appears at one point to be a ‘gate’ to proceeding in the app, but isn’t.


Tested 4 weeks

 My rating: 5 Stars


Now just CareZone

By: Jim Schrempp.  Updated: January 09, 2017.


It seems that AARP is no longer branding the CareZone app. So when you look in the iTunes or GooglePlay stores, just look for CareZone. I've been told that the app remains the same - and they continue to improve it.




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from Ginger (unverified) at March 07, 2019

Why are the dots not all dark blue


from Stu (unverified) at August 10, 2019

app froze on "processing 4 images."


from Elizabeth  (unverified) at April 10, 2021

I have used CareZone app but it is no longer working. I was in touch with a Walmart representative who said they have no connection with this app?
Thoughts, and thank you


from Laura Sanchez (unverified) at May 12, 2021

I got a new phone so i had to delete all my apps and CareZone was one of them. I tried downloading it and it says that the app isn't available. Whats going on? It has all our meds and all our info plus important dates to remember. I need CareZone back please.


from Denise Yarmlak (unverified) at May 20, 2021

In June 2020 Walmart acquired CareZone's technology and intellectual property for $200 Million and integrated it into their own systems so there is no longer a CareZone app.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2021.