Medication Management Guide: Tools & Strategies

Medication Management, Pill Reminders & Medication Adherence Tools.

This is the home page for our research into medication management tools, including pill reminder apps, other types of pill reminders and pill organizers, complex medication management systems, and related topics such as maintaining a correct medication list.

We have initiated this project, because imperfect medication adherence is one of the leading causes of premature institutionalization of older adults. And thus for older adults who want to live in their own homes as long as possible, taking medications correctly is a very important topic.

There are a variety of tools for this purpose, and in this research topic we explore a number of them, seeking to understand which tools work best for specific types of people and specific life circumstances.

In addition, our Longevity Explorers have had a number of discussions of the whole topic of managing medication, and as a result we have developed some intriguing insights into how older adults manage their medications today, what they think their challenges are in this context, and what they do and do not see as "problems to be fixed".

Our analyst team and the Longevity Explorers are researching topics like:

  • Which is the best pill reminder app?
  • How do different older adults approach tracking and managing their medications?
  • Which pill organizers do our Longevity Explorers like best, and why?
  • Which automatic pill dispensers work best for manging medication adherence for a person with Alzheimer's?
  • Of the wide variety of available medication management systems, which work best in various different circumstances, and which features are most relevant for specific life situations.

Below you will find the research and exploration we have done so far.




Featured Content: Medication Management Guide: Tools & Strategies


Pill Box and Pill Organizer collection

Pill Boxes, Pill Organizers: Recommendations

There are many, many pill boxes and pill organizer solutions to choose from in your local drugstore or on Amazon. Unsurprisingly, not all of them are equally good. The Longevity Explorers have strong views about what to look for in a pill box. Here are their recommendations, and a list of the "things to watch for". 



Medication Management Systems: Which?

"Good" medication management is widely believed to be desirable, by older adults as well as by clinicians. This article is about what factors make medication management systems useful for a given person, and outlines a series of circumstances for which specific features of these products can be helpful. Think of this as a "how to get started" guide to the topic of medication management systems.



Older Adult Perspectives on Managing Medications

Learn what older adults themselves think about the challenges of medication management. Listen to discussions about the things our explorers care about; how they approach managing their medications; which products they prefer (the best pill organizers, and most successful pill reminder techniques); and what problems they face.



Best Pill Reminder App

Best Pill Reminder App: Explorer Choice

We set out to pick the best pill reminder app to share with the explorers in our Useful Apps Club. This article describes which features we selected as important and why; summarizes the results of our tests; and shares with you some details about the two Medication Apps we want to recommend, each of which is good for a slightly different life situation.



medication management technology for alzheimers

Technology for Managing Medication in Dementia

Watch this talk on technology for medication management by Dr Caro and Dr Renfro. It covers different available technologies to help minimize medication errors, especially for Alzheimer's sufferers. It also covers some "unmet needs and opportunities" relating to medication adherence.



Pill Reminder Apps we eliminated

Pill Reminder Apps we Ruled Out

List of pill reminder apps we evaluated and ruled out as either being too simplistic, or lacking in an important functionality.



How to use Medisafe

How to Use the Medisafe App

This Useful Apps Club lesson shows you how to setup and use the Medisafe App to take your medication on time, and more.



A Conversation You Haven't Had with Your Doctor...But Should

Drug company advertisements often end with the phrase “Ask your Doctor about…” followed by the newest drug being promoted. While surely they mean to ask if the new drug is right for you to start taking, I suggest a different question to ask your Doctor: “Of all the drugs prescribed for me, which one is most important for me to take correctly?”



So You Want to Build a Pill Dispenser? Focus on Filling!

Do you have an idea for a pill dispensing product? Good for you. You’ve seen the problem and complexity of multiple medication and you have an idea to make it better. I commend you.

At NightingaleRx we’ve learned a few things from evaluating other pill dispensers and studying the medication management landscape. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may assist in your endeavors:



Curated References: Managing Medication

Here are some references from around the web that our analyst team thinks are worth exploring if you want to learn more about managing medication — beyond the sort of things we cover here.

Most of these references focus on getting the right list of medications, rather than on how to organize and remember to take the medications on time.




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Last Updated: January 04, 2020.