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Medical Alert Reviews, comparison testing, evaluation

In our research on medical alert systems we have looked at over 50 different systems, and tested many of the products that look most useful. In our review database we have reviews of most of the medical alert products we have actually tested, and summaries of the ones we have studied online but not actually tested.

Each medical alert system review explains what we tested, and walks you through the results of our comparison testing.

For the products we actually purchased, we describe where we got them from and how much we paid.

Each review has a link to the website of the manufacturer where you can learn more, get current pricing information, and purchase the medical alert products if you wish.

Below are the individual medical alert reviews for many of the products that are on the market.

If you want to make an actual selection of a specific product with features that match your needs, you will find our Selection Tool for Medical Alerts very helpful.

We recommend you start your journey of choosing a medical alert system here. Or you can jump straight to the compilation of our research into medical alerts: Medical Alert Systems: Selection Guide.



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