Medisafe Medication Reminder : Review

By:  Jim Schrempp   |  Posted: June 16, 2016   |  Updated: March 22, 2023

The Basics

  • Product: Medication Reminder, Prescription and Pill Organizer
  • Company: Medisafe
  • Review Date:  July 2016 

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Analyst Summary: Medisafe   |  Medication Reminder, Prescription and Pill Organizer

The Medisafe Medication App was one of our two top picks for the Useful Apps Club in July 2016. Read our comparative analysis of medication apps for more details about our evaluations. In addition, when you are ready to install and learn to use this App, you can follow this lesson of the Useful Apps Club, including a series of videos on how to use the Medisafe Medication App.

First, don’t be fooled by other apps that are named MediSafe. Get the one with this logo.

This is an excellent app.

When entering medications it offered well managed suggestions that allowed us to easily select the correct medication. For all of our test medications it provided a very nice, accurate picture of the pill; it was easy to make sure we were dealing with the right medication.

The main screen looks like a circular pill box with four compartments, labeled for times of the day. The compartment for the current time of day appears uncovered. It is a very pleasant home screen.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a video in the app for each of our medications. A person in a white lab coat spends a few minutes talking about the typical use for the drug, the side effects, contraindications, and other things. We found these videos to be very informative. Not all of our test medications had videos.

Medisafe allows you to track a number of different “measurements” such as blood pressure, glucose, pain, etc. We found them easy to add, but the app did not remind us to do so.

It is easy to export a history of medications and measurements to an email message. The app even offers to send an Excel spreadsheet file.

Medisafe does not offer web site access to your information, so you have to manage your information through the app on your smartphone.

Medisafe does allow you to designate another person as a “medfriend.” Your medfriend has to also install Medisafe on their smartphone. Once they accept your invitation they can see your medications and dosing schedule. A medfriend will receive a notification through the app 30 minutes after you miss a dose. It’s nice to have someone as a medication backup, but you have to remember that they get to see all the medications that you manage with Medisafe.

Medisafe has an extensive privacy statement on their web site, but it does not mention HIPAA compliance. However their support team tells us that they are HIPAA compliant.


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3 thoughts on “Medisafe Medication Reminder”

  1. The app isn’t working for me

    The app isn't working for me because the alarm is just a few small beeps.  If you're not in the room with your phone, or if the air conditioner is on, you won't hear it.  I have superb hearing.  It should be much louder, and should repeat at intervals until the medicine has been taken.  As it is now, there is a small set of beeps, and then the app goes silent.  In addition, there is no notice on the main screen to remind you you haven't taken it.  A lot of room for improvement!

  2. To whom it may concern:
    To whom it may concern:

    Thanks so much for the info on Medisafe. I’m presently using and enjoying the features of this app, like good descriptions of each Med including shape and color, choice of reminder sounds, and record keeping of refills, flexibility in scheduling setup, etc.

    John K.

  3. I have been using Medisafe
    I have been using Medisafe for 3 years now after my diagnosis of terminal cancer. It has worked amazingly well and my medical people are very impressed with it…..however I’m travelling right now in a different time zone and I encountered a problem! I have indicated I want to get the reminders in the new time zone and when I hit “save” it just grinds away and won’t let me get past that screen so I can’t indicate that I took my pills! How do I fix this?