Reach Your Target Customers


We have observed that companies targeting the “Longevity Economy” have great difficulty reaching the fragmented demographic of older adults and their caregivers — and so the handful of “good” new products often remain “undiscovered”.

And even if you know how to get your message in front of the potential customer, it is very hard for customers to tell the difference between a “good” product and a “bad” product due to the massive amount of marketing “noise” that is out there.

We can help.



Tech-enhanced Life, leveraging the insights and wisdom of older adults themselves — the community of Longevity Explorers — has solutions to help overcome these challenges.

These solutions fall into three categories.

  • Visibility: Exposing your product or service to thought leaders, influencers, & early adopters.
  • Credibility: Independent objective validation that your product “works”, and “meets an important unmet need”.
  • Plan for Scale: How to reach a mass audience of older adults.



Visibility: Thought Leaders & Early Adopters


For several years, we have been curating a “Useful Products & Resources” database as a resource for the older adults, caregivers, and children of aging parents — who come to Tech-enhanced Life in search of useful insights into products and resources they can use.

As companies asked us “How can we reach our target audience?“, we realized that this database is an important first step for companies who want to get visibility for their product, service, or resource among the hard to reach, thought leaders and early adopters in this demographic.


These thought leaders and early adopters are exactly the people who are joining our Tech-enhanced Life community, and reading the content we publish — created by “people like us”. 


Increase Visibility for your Product (or Service):
among Key Opinion Leaders



Credibility: Hands-on Evaluation


Since we did our first hands-on evaluations of products several years ago, we have worked hard to build a reputation for independent, objective and in-depth analysis and evaluation.

When our analyst team and or the community of Longevity Explorers “like” a product they have evaluated, our audience (older adults, caregivers, and family members all around the world) pay attention. So a positive evaluation can add a great deal of credibility to a product offering, and help a new product or service stand out from the mass of unsupported marketing claims and reviews of dubious provenance that fill the internet.

Of course, if we find flaws in a product, we point them out too.


Custom Evaluations, Product Reviews, & “First Look” Evaluations

Traditionally, we have done two types of “evaluation”: Custom Evaluations and Product Reviews. We recently added a third, which we call “First Look” Evaluations.

“First Look” Evaluations are an important tool for building credibility and gaining visibility by your target customers.


“First Look” Evaluations

“First Look” evaluations can be commissioned by a company. In these “First Look Evaluations”, a group of Longevity Explorers will interact with a product for a specific period of time in a group discussion setting and render their “first impressions”. This is designed to be a way to get a quick, and relatively inexpensive readout on “what real customers think” about your product or service.

We guarantee that our explorers will be frank and forthright. If they like the product they will say so. If they see flaws they will say that too.

A company that commissions a “First Look” Evaluation can choose, after the evaluation has been done, whether to keep the output confidential, or to have it be published on this website. (If published, it will be clearly identified as a “First Look” evaluation, and we will disclose that it was “commissioned”).

We hope this approach will make these “First Look” evaluations useful both as a means for getting quick feedback, AND as a way to get some extra credibility and visibility if the explorers like the product, and the company chooses to have it be published.


“First Look” Evaluations: Learn More



Custom Evaluations

To help companies develop “products we actually want to use”, we do a variety of custom projects designed to help a company find out the strengths and weaknesses of its product or service relatively early in the development process, with the goal of being able to adjust the product design so when it is finished it will be a “good” product. These custom evaluations usually identify some “issues”, and are designed to be confidential — for the eyes only of the company that commissions them. If you need a custom evaluation, start a dialog with us about it.


Product Reviews

Our formal Product Reviews are initiated by Tech-enhanced Life (companies cannot commission a review or pay for one). We typically do a series of comparative reviews on multiple products within a specific space (eg medical alerts). The reviews are detailed and in depth, and include all the pluses and minuses we consider to be important. The audience for these are older adults, and their friends, families, and caregivers, who are interested in selecting specific products to make their life better.



Plan for Scale


Once the building blocks of “independent objective evaluation” and “thought leader and early adopter visibility” are in place, you need a plan to scale and reach a mass audience of customers.

Once you are far enough along to actually execute this mass scaling, you will want your own in-house consumer marketing expertise. But much earlier than that, you need a realistic plan (and budget) for how to reach a mass audience of your target customers (older adults, their children, or caregivers).

We can help with this.

If you would like to learn more and discuss, contact us to start a dialog.