1 thought on “An App to Make New Friends: Intergenerational Brainstorming”

  1. I helped a friend (really,

    I helped a friend (really, not me) use the OurTime app and website. It says something that she needed help from me to complete the sign up process – she didn’t feel able to get through it on the website by herself. From a technical perspective I found both had a number of issues for someone 80+ years old. Some quick examples … Font size was small. Save/Cancel buttons when editing a text field were not standard. A 500 word text field displayed room for only about 25 words. At one point the app had a required confirmation button displayed off-screen with no way to scroll to it. The inbox looked a lot like a normal email inbox and my friend was a little confused at first between her regular mail and her OurTime mail. A more comprehensive review would probably bring up a lot more issues.