Seminar 4: Smarthome Features for a Better, Safer Life

By:  Editorial Team   |  Posted: April 13, 2022   |  Updated: December 19, 2023

This is the fourth in our seminar series on Aging in Place Technology and Tools to Live Independently for Longer.


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Richard Caro and Frank Engelman have an ongoing collaboration to publish a series of use cases and recipes for specific “smart home features” — useful to older adults in various life situations. Most of these are based on Frank’s detailed DIY recipes, which he creates for his older relatives, and tests on himself.

In this talk we will introduce you to the situations in which these smart home features are useful, discuss the difficulties of implementing and maintaining them, and show you how to find specific smart home feature recipes for use cases like wandering (dementia), fall avoidance (automatic lighting); “making TV useful again”; and many more.



Deep-Dive Articles & Recipes Mentioned in the Talk

Smart Home, Artifical Intelligence, Robots (The “Hub”)

Smarthome: Room by Room Series

Voice Controlled Lights

Automated Lights

Echo Show for Video Calls

Family Get-togethers on the Big Screen

Making TV Useful for my 94-yr old Aunt

Discouraging Wandering at Night

I Left the Stove On

Passive Monitoring: Better Care for my 96-yr-old Aunt

Simplified Thermostat: Vision or Cognition Issues

DIY Solutions: Frank Engelman’s Column / Series








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