Tablets with Simpler User Interfaces: Interview

After completing a comparative evaluation of products in the category we call "senior-friendly tablets", lead reviewer Frank Engelman was interviewed by Richard Caro, co-founder of Tech-enhanced Life.

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This introduction is a starting point for a more detailed deep-dive into these products at "Best Senior Tablet: How to Choose" on Tech-enhanced Life.

We think this type of product is very appropriate for a specific demographic. However there are many individuals who think of themselves as older adults, or "seniors", who might actually be better off with a more conventional consumer tablet — an iPad for example.

In the article mentioned above, we explain which type of person would benefit from this type of "senior-friendly tablet", and which type of person would be better off with something like an iPad.

And for those individuals who need a senior-friendly tablet, we explain the tradeoffs made by the different products between ease-of-use and flexibility — and how to decide which is the best product for a specific life situation.


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Learn more in our detailed comparative evaluations at the link below.





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Last Updated: September 10, 2021.