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In this talk at the Commonwealth Club, Oct. 2018, Richard Caro gives an overview of the Longevity Explorers and talks about a wide range of different products and ideas they have been exploring. .........Read more

Richard Caro was interviewed recently by Dr. Leslie Kernisan for her podcast: "Better Health While Aging". .........Read more

A group of the Longevity Explorers are participating in a workshop, co-led by Richard Caro from Tech-enhanced Life and Ken Smith from the Stanford Center on Longevity, at the 2017-18 Design Challenge, run by the Stanford Center on Longevity. .........Read more

We get the chance to talk about the Longevity Explorer initiative in this 90 minute symposium at the American Society on Aging Meeting: March 27, 2018 in San Francisco. .........Read more

In this webinar we will be introducing a way for innovators to get rapid, structured feedback about how close they are to having achieved problem-solution fit — in the eyes of an engaged, independent & objective group of older adults. .........Read more

While much of the western world worries about the economic and human costs of an ageing population, in this talk Dr. Caro argues that there is room for optimism — and that by harnessing the power of technology and the untapped wisdom of the older adult population we can improve the quality of life as we age, expand the capabilities of caregivers, and perhaps even make the progress of ageing less costly.  .........Read more

Avenidas is holding a Tech-Faire, entitled "Living Better with Technology: Explore, Engage, and Shape" on Sat. March 25th, 2017. Richard Caro is running a workshop on "Longevity Explorers: helping to shape the future". .........Read more

In this week's webinar (Dec 9th) we will be introducing a way for innovators to get rapid structured feedback about how close they are to having achieved problem-solution fit. Theis is part of our webinar series about how product developers can benefit from the insights of our Longevity Explorer community. .........Read more

Richard Caro will be talking about some of the results from Tech-enhanced Life's Longevity Explorer initiative at the Aging 2.0 Conference next Friday Oct. 14th 2016. .........Read more

The City of Pleasanton is holding a Technology Fair for Seniors, at which Richard Caro is the keynote. His talk will be on Tech-enhanced Life: Better Aging. .........Read more

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