Alexa Calling Pauses TV When Call Comes In

By:  Frank Engelman   |  Posted: August 14, 2020   |  Updated: April 27, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

TV Noise Drowns Out Phone Ringing

TV Noise Drowns Out Phone Ringing

In my Dad’s nursing home everybody has their TV blasting, including My Dad. Sometimes he can’t even hear me calling on a video chat request on his Alexa Show.

Solution Details


Enabling Alexa Calling on his Fire TV cube will pause his TV show.


Here is a YouTube video of it in action:


To get this to work, you need to enable Alexa Calling on the Fire TV Cube

  • Hold the Home button for 5 seconds
  • Scroll over and click Settings
  • Scroll over and click Alexa
  • Scroll down to Communications and click it
  • Set Incoming Call Ringer On (should have been on by default)
  • Click home


To get this to work, you need to enable Alexa Calling for the Fire TV Cube on your mobile phone

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap devices in the lower right corner
  • Tap Echo & Alexa in the upper left
  • Tap on the Fire TV Cube
  • Be sure that Communications is Enabled
    • Calling and Messaging
    • Announcements
    • Drop-in option. This offers a great way for your family members to be able to contact you if you are unable to call them.


Learn More about the Fire TV Cube


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