Reading Light for Vision Problems

A chairside floor lamp with a long adjustable gooseneck including a handheld remote with brightness and warmness for bright white to warm yellow light is a good solution for reading when you have vision imperfections.

The Senior Moment Alexa Skill can remember this for your mother

The Senior Moment Alexa Skill can remember this for your mother

One of the great things about Alexa is that she never gets tired of answering the same question. The Alexa Skill Senior Moment may be the perfect fit for your mother's ATM location question. You can ask the Skill to remember the perfect answer to that question. Then all your mother has to say is, "Alexa, open Senior Moment."

Instant Remote Music Playing

Here is another solution that keeps your Alexa account and that of your parents separate, but still allows you to start music in the house / room of a person with dementia when you want.

Remote Control for the Smoke Alarm

If you, or your remote loved one, is capable of handling a mobile phone app under stressful conditions, some smoke alarm providers such as Nest allow you to use the app to silence it.

IF… you can find your phone, unlock it, and open the app all during this stressful time.

Alexa Helps Me Recover My Memories

As we age, we tend to forget not only where we leave physical items or upcoming events, but also important memories such as names, past events, and locations. I found ways Alexa can help with that.

Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

Amazon has developed a simplified grocery shopping system that works very well with their Echo Show devices with a built-in touch screen. I wanted to see if it would work for people with poor vision. The results were good.