Solution: Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

By: Frank Engelman.  Updated: May 13, 2022.


The Problem: Online Grocery Delivery for those with Low Vision

You are experiencing problems ordering groceries online from apps that are not designed for a person who is blind or has low vision. Even when you tried screen readers such as Apple VoiceOver, you found that using it to read entire web pages designed for sighted persons very frustrating..... More about the Problem


Solution: Amazon Online Grocery Shopping with VoiceView

Amazon has developed a simplified grocery shopping system that works very well with their Echo Show devices with a built-in touch screen.

I wanted to see if it would work for people with poor vision. The results were good.


Here is a Video of Voice Activated Grocery Ordering



The Background

Amazon offers online ordering and home delivery using Amazon Fresh. You will need:

  • An Amazon Prime Account
  • A valid payment method in the account
  • An address where these services can deliver

(Whole Food is expected to be offered later)


How to Use It

Please note that “Fresh Cart” is different than the “Shopping list” feature that just generates a list to take to the store.

I’ll be using the “Fresh Cart” in my steps below.


There is a “Voice View” feature that is an Amazon screen reader on Echo Show, that will describe in detail what is being ordered.

To activate it say, “Alexa, turn on Voice View” (you can also say “Alexa, turn off voice view”)

  • “Alexa, add Jif creamy peanut butter 18 oz to my Fresh Cart”
  • “Alexa, add sourdough bread to my Fresh Cart”
  • “Alexa, what’s in my Fresh Cart?”


Items in Fresh Cart

Caption- items added to Fresh cart


Please note that you will be able to use the “switch item” feature when you are presented with a brand or size selection you didn’t want.


Please NOTE: You MUST say “Fresh Cart”, or it will put these items in your Shopping List”


When using Voice View you can scroll through the list of items and hear a description.

  • Single tap- describes each onscreen item including the “checkout button”
  • Double tap- selects the item or function
  • Three fingers- swipe up/down though the list


Check Out

Caption- ready for checkout






Kit List*

  • Amazon Echo Show - suggest Echo Show 8 gen 2
  • Amazon Prime account
    • Includes other features such as free shipping, videos, and music



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