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Hi Sanross.  Frank might have better info but here is my 2 cents:

You need a cell phone to receive a text message to set up the app in your Mom's name but this is a one time thing. I just found which is a free service (no credit card info required).  I logged in to it using a Google account I set up for my parrot (!) and I used the Canadian area code 413 to get a valid number.  I texted it from my phone and the message went through!  So this is definitely an option.  Be sure to set up a Google account for you Mom and add all of her contacts.  Contacts are, I believe, the only other thing Alexa would need from a cell phone number.  Hope this works for you.  I'm setting up a whole "Alexa-verse" for my 89-year-old Dad for Christmas and there is so much to learn!