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Hello Allynn,

You bring up an interesting point, as it is very possible to do what you are saying. It’s just like adding another Echo Show in a different room in your home. For example, if you added an Echo Show to your Kitchen, you could say either of these commands to an Echo Show in your Living Room.

“Alexa, drop in on Kitchen Echo Show” or “Alexa, call Kitchen Echo Show”

So just set up the Echo Show in your home, assign it a name for your Dad, and then test calling it. Then when you bring it to your Dad’s house, just change the Wi-Fi settings

You are right, that he will be able to call his sister, but of course, it will indicate that you are making the call.

Since he is on your account, you can easily and Alexa Skills and create Alexa Routines for him

Ok, that all sounds pretty neat, so what are the downsides of having him on your Alexa account?

  1. Any reminders and calendar events you set for him will also show up on your devices
  2. Since this is on your Amazon Account, any commands that he misspeaks could turn on/off smart devices (if you have any) in your home or even order things by voice, if you have that enabled. I know that kids in families that have multiple echo devices enjoy pranking their parents with lighting or TV controls.
  3. Since he won’t have his own Alexa account, you can’t use the Alexa Care Hub features which can allow you to monitor his wake-up time, if that’s important. Alexa Care Hub (
  4. The lack of his own Alexa Account means you can’t set up Emergency Contact calling. This is not 911 calling, but it allows him to say a simple request for help and have it call your number. Help: What Is an Alexa Emergency Contact?

If you decide to set him up on his own Alexa account, he won’t need a smartphone. Just follow the steps in the article to use the free Google voice number