Alexa Video Calling on Mom’s Big-screen TV?

By:  Frank Engelman   |  Posted: January 29, 2021   |  Updated: April 18, 2023

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The Problem to be Solved

Solution Details

How to set your parent up to be able to have video calling on a big screen TV, using Alexa Calling and the Fire TV Cube.

We regularly use a technique for projecting your phone screen onto your TV, thus allowing you to do video calls on a big screen (see this solution for how to do that).

But, your elderly relative may not be comfortable doing that and or may not use a smartphone. Now there is a simpler solution!

Up until recently, the solution linked to above was the only way to “cast” an Alexa Video Call to a big screen. Amazon just released a way to do it with a Fire TV Cube.


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What You Need: The Kit

Here are the things you definitely need (at your mothers house):     [links go to Amazon and are affiliate links]

Optional extras if you don’t want your parent to need to remember the Alexa commands:

Note that it must be a 2nd generation Fire TV Cube (2019). Look for this model number on the bottom, Model No. A78V3N if you already have one that you plan on giving her. Amazon support has stated that it needs FireTV OS revision or higher, so be sure to update.



Setting It Up

  • If your Mom doesn’t have one, please look at our article on setting up a Fire TV Cube
  • Of course, your Mom will need an Amazon account and Alexa Calling setup. Here is an overview article, if you haven’t done that.


The Steps

Complete the setup of the Fire TV Cube through the Alexa app on your phone while logged into your Mom’s Alexa account

  • Tap devices
  • Tap Echo & Alexa
  • Tap the Fire TV Cube’s name
  • Be sure to enable Communications
    • Calling & Messaging
    • Drop In (Permitted contacts only)


Once you’ve set up her Fire TV, the next step is to add the webcam through the micro-USB adapter

  • Click Okay to complete the installation


It’s Time to Test the Setup

From an Echo Show or your phone using the Alexa app in YOUR Alexa account

  • Try making a test video call by saying, “Alexa, call Mom”


On the Fire TV Cube, when you see the call coming in

  • Say “Alexa, answer”
    • After the icon showing that the camera is turned off appears
  • Say “Alexa, video on”


Each video call will begin with the video turned off. To adjust volume, say “Alexa volume up.” Once the video call ends, your video will turn off.


What if my Mom can’t remember the commands?

Our article on creating Alexa Routines may be of some help.

In there, you will see an example using an Echo button to trigger an Alexa Action. In the routine below, the Echo Dot speaks the commands to the Fire TV Cube to accept the video call and turn on the camera

You will need to add an Amazon Echo Button (currently on eBay only) and an Echo Dot to speak the Alexa Commands. See the “Kit” above.





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