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Freeus Belle+

The Basics

Product name: Belle+ 

Manufacturer / Distributor: Freeus

Compilation: Q 2018.


This page contains our Freeus | Belle+ review.



Analyst Summary: Freeus | Belle+

The Freeus Belle+ is a mobile, go anywhere medical alert. It is of the same class of product as those we reviewed in our comparative analysis of mobile medical alerts.

This product is made by OEM supplier to the medical alert industry, Freeus. It is resold by a variety of medical alert companies under various names. You can't buy it from Freeus itself. 

The product is fairly new, and contains the most recent features one should expect in a mobile medical alert.

The product is notable for claiming quite long battery life (up to 5 days per charge) which is substantially more than most comparable mobile medical alerts.

The Belle+ also includes multiple location technologies (GPS, WiFi location, and Cellular triangulation). Many of the competing products include only GPS and in some cases cellular triangulation, although some (such as the Philips GoSafe) include all these too plus more.

The website is unclear about how waterproof this product is, but some of the other websites that sell this product claim it can be used in the bath and shower.


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Last Updated: April 30, 2020.

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