Freeus, Belle : Review

By:  Editorial Team   |  Posted: November 16, 2018   |  Updated: May 17, 2023

The Basics

  • Product: Belle
  • Company: Freeus
  • Review Date:  Q4 2018. Updated Q4 2019. 

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Analyst Summary: Freeus   |  Belle

The Freeus Belle is a mobile, go anywhere medical alert. It is of the same class of product as those we reviewed in our comparative analysis of mobile medical alerts. Note: This has quite different characteristics to its sister product (which looks extremely similar) the Freeus Belle+.

This product is made by OEM supplier to the medical alert industry, Freeus. It is resold by a variety of medical alert companies under various names. You can’t buy it from Freeus itself.

This product appears to be an updated version of the Freeus e-Responder, which we included in our comparative evaluation of mobile medical alerts linked to above. In Q4 2019, the product was updated again to allow it to use the 4G network.

There are several important differences between this product and most other mobile medical alerts.

  • It does NOT incorporate GPS technology, and thus is not as good at knowing where you are as are some of the competing products.
  • However, unlike the prior e-responder, this model includes WiFi location technology, that does have the ability to determine where you are to some extent. We have not tried to evaluate how much better or worse this product is at locating you compared to competitors which include GPS.
  • The BIG advantage of this approach is increased battery life. The Belle claims “up to 30 days on a charge” in its marketing material.

The marketing material claims the Q4 2019 updated product is waterproof to IP67 levels (1 meter depth of water for 30 minutes, so it should be fine in the shower).

This product does NOT auto-detect falls.

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Freeus Belle

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