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Thanks, Frank. This is exactly the kind of reply I needed!   I think I've come up with a solution.  How does this sound:

I'm going to set up his Echo with his own Amazon account and mine with my own account (for all the reasons you give) BUT I'm also going to keep my main computer logged into Alexa with his account.  I don't think I would use my computer for anything Alexa but it would be very convenient to have that identified as part of his account. 

I'm also giving him my old smart phone (he has a flip that he never uses) and I've set that up with Alexa and the BaldPhone interface. Check is out.  It is very cool! 

One more thing - Amazon has the Echo Flex - Plug-in mini smart speaker with Alexa for sale for $9.99 and I've picked up two of those for him; one for each bathroom just in case of emergency.  I just have to make sure he understands that he needs to say "Alexa call Allynn Mary".  That is the very first Alexa lesson!

Finally here's my tip:  I named my dad's wifi network the same as my home wifi with the same password and everything.  His smart watch picks mine up as soon as he walks in the door and everything I set up at my house works at his with no fuss.

I'm really loving this site and I'm learning so much!  I can't wait to pass this on to my Library patrons!