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Hello Nick,

That is a great question and one where Amazon doesn't provide a good answer. There is no "direct" setting  for making the "date" available on the Echo Show in "Wallpaper & Clock", except in the Echo Show 5

... it has been a requested feature for years here... Amazon Device Forum 

The clock with date will show up as the screen "rotates" through displays of selections you have made in "Settings" (if you have Rotate Continuously enabled in Settings- Home Content)

For example, on the Echo Show Gen 2 & Echo Show 8 you should see the following rotating content:    (Echo Show 5 is different)

* Time & Weather in upper left corner

* Time & Weather in upper left corner plus week's weather on center of display (if weather forecast is enabled)

* Large Time & weather & date in lower left (It should actually spend most of it's time on this screen)

You might check for software updates under Settings- Device Options- Check for Software Updates

Mine is running Fire OS (658657020)

One other thing that you could do if you just want this display-> * Large Time & weather & date in lower left , is turn turn on "Do Not Disturb".

This is avilable in "swipe down from the top". You can still talk to Alexa, but others won't be able to call you