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I did a full review of the Trionic Veloped elsewhere on this site. I probably should have put it here. In a nutshell, the Veloped has changed my life.

I now walk my dog with it for at least a mile a day on our paved trails where I live and I’m working up to longer distances. It goes up and down curbs easily and I’ve even learned how to approach a series of 8 low rise steps with wide landing areas to get up those in one fell swoop. (Here is my full review).

I live in the southwest so I had to add a product called Slime to one tire that was attacked by a goats head pricker but that works beautifully.

As a former hiker, laid low by a back issue that affects the nerves in my left leg, the Veloped has re-opened the outdoors for me. I’ve been able to go out on snowy days, no problem. I get a lot of questions about the Veloped from others who I meet on the trails. It’s a very cool looking rollator and exceptionally well made. The bicycle brakes allow you to go downhill, gently applying pressure, no fear of going too fast.

I bought a sturdy dog walker’s wrist band to apply my dog’s leash to, and although I first kept him attached to my wrist, moved the band to around the front of the rollator which allows him to do his sniffing on either side He knows the command “don’t pull” but sometimes going uphill, I don’t give him the command if he pulls, smile.

I love the Trionic Veloped. It may cost more than many rollators but it also goes where no rollator will go. I bought the Tour version because it has a larger and more supportive seat should I need it or want it for outdoor concerts one day. However, I haven’t had the need to use it yet. I also bought the 14” wheel version (my height/weight qualified me for either the 12” or 14” wheels) because the larger wheels give me more flexibility if I take it out on more rugged trails in the future If you have HSA money saved from when you worked, it covers the cost. I had HSA money available and my HSA card immediately accepted the charge.

Oshin at Trionic USA in CA was very helpful and I ordered my Veloped from them. It’s a very classy rollator that would be as useful on city streets or in malls or anywhere you want to go; not just on trails.