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Hello Allynn,

I want to point out a problem and some workarounds for an issue that may affect you and your dad. This has been a complaint on the Amazon User Forum for many years.

The problem is that you can't drop in on a specific Echo Device in another household as you can in your own household

Here are my standard workarounds:

I have 2 workarounds, but they require some effort and have limited flexibility. In most cases, you will be using drop in out of concern for safety or the lack of a loved one’s ability to answer a call verbally.

  1. Allow only ONE Echo device in the loved one's home to support drop in. Then, at least you will know which one Alexa will pick
  2. In the Alexa app on your mobile device, logout of your own Alexa account and login with your loved one’s Alexa account, and drop in on a specific device. This is possible as you are now a member of the household.

Since you said you already have a tablet on his account, #2 should be easy