Emergency monitor app for Andriod 10 cell phone

I am looking for an app for my andriod 10 cell phone, that will enable me to request help, with a call center, that will contact 911. The app needs to be accessable in a lock screen on my cell phone. I would also like to see that I can contact the call center from … Read more

Recent post about DAO etc

I would like to see Tech Enhanced Life and Longevity Expolorers carry on. I'm shooting for 100+ myself, but understand that the universe might have other ideas.  Cicumstances may change, but for the time being I'm more of a "lurker" than (gasp!) a "leader".  Nevertheless, I would like to be "in the loop" as far … Read more

Senior Living Facility “Emergency Alert” Systems Aren’t

My wife with dementia and I moved into a newly-opened assisted living center four years ago. The biggest concern brought up at our community meetings was the dangerously slow "emergency alert" system: The wall chains and their bracelet and pendent counterparts. I call them glorified doorbells, because all they do is electronically ping an alert … Read more

Alexa Echo Show

My mother is in a nursing home and is with hospice and no longer stand due to cancer attacking her body everywhere.  She has severe dementia also and using a phone no longer works.   I am trying to set this Echo show up by following the tech steps which look so easy, but I don't … Read more

I need a “dead man’s switch”

I live by myself.  None of my family or friends live nearby.  I don't want a friend to take over the duty of calling me daily to make sure I haven't keeled over.  I'm going to get an Apple watch to deal with fall detection, but I don't think anyone hass come up with an … Read more

Acute Confusional State in the Older Persons

Acute confusional state in the elderly in the tropics are often linked mainly to dehydration. Micronutrient deficiencies and electrolyte derangements are now common features that must be assessed. My 93 year old mother-in-law was delurius and after a full course of anti-malaria, her amnesia of recent events worsened and her chemistry revealed hyponatremia and re-hyrdation with … Read more

Finding each other – NJ

I am interested in health and technology and I'm getting older, so i don't have an immediate problem, but it's coming! For either me or my friends. Also, I'd love to help either as a volunter or even building a business around these issues.  I would love to connect with others for our own local group. I saw … Read more

Seeking Help for an Electric-Assist Wheelchair

I am caregiver for a person with both Alzheimer's and COPD. Her mobility is very limited and requires transport in a wheelchair. She is presently using an electric -powered chair, but sometimes shows poor judgement when encountring other people or obstacles. I anticipate a time when she will not be able to properly control this … Read more

Newspaper reader

I have a friend who regularly reads the digital edition of 4 specific newspapers: Wall Street Journal NY Times Tampa Bay Times Washington Post He currently pays for the digital edition of these newspapers, and the cost of paying for them is not an issue. But he has a medical condition that makes it difficult … Read more