Seeking Help for an Electric-Assist Wheelchair

I am caregiver for a person with both Alzheimer's and COPD. Her mobility is very limited and requires transport in a wheelchair.

She is presently using an electric -powered chair, but sometimes shows poor judgement when encountring other people or obstacles. I anticipate a time when she will not be able to properly control this chair.

I would like to know if there is a manual wheelchair that I could control, giving me control of the chair, taking control out of her hands.

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  1. That is, an electric-assist

    That is, an electric-assist chair that would respond to the person pushing the chair.

    This would be like the electric bikes that reduce the effor of the rider.

  2. I have found what looks like

    I have found what looks like good solution. While talking with a rep at a dealerrr handling electric sheelchairs, I was advised that I was seeking an "attendant control."

    This places the control at the back of the chair, accessible to the person assisting.

    Search for attedant control wheelchair.

    • very late in responding to

      very late in responding to this but here goes.  i am an atp andcertified to provide, service etd such high end chairs.  Defiitely want an attendant control.  it is a joystick usually placed behind the set on the chair so the attendant can walk behind and "drive" the chair.  Usually also controls seating such as tile, elevte, recline.  the user joystick can remain on the chair for the user or use the attendant control exclusievly.  Very verstile program available will be done by the provider if they are certified.