Alexa Echo Show

My mother is in a nursing home and is with hospice and no longer stand due to cancer attacking her body everywhere.  She has severe dementia also and using a phone no longer works.   I am trying to set this Echo show up by following the tech steps which look so easy, but I don't understand a few things.   I want to by pass her phone, so far, I created a gmail account for her, tried the Google voice on my phone and it was all about porting my number.    Not sure what I did wrong.    Do I also need to sign her up for Amazon account as well, and how do I get her a phone number or code without messing up my own phone?   I appreciate any more help.   I would like to get this set up ASAP since she is constantly trying to get out of bed not remembering she can't walk and falling.      PLease help!!

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  1. Hello Smiley55,

    Hello Smiley55,

    When setting up the Google Voice app on your phone for your mom, you do NOT have to port your phone number or affect your phone in any way. Google voice will be adding an app-based phone number to your phone to be used to receive a text message for setting up your mom's Alexa account.

    If you continue to have difficulty with Google Voice, you could instead use the app with ith $5/year number lock-in

    Once you have a phone number for your mom, you can create an Amazon account for her using the Google email you created for her and this phone number.