Village Movement/Village to Village Network

There was an interesting article in today's New York Times entitled "Generation X Volunteers Want to Help You, and One Day Themselves, Age at Home" which I believe  dovetails with some of objectives of Tech-Enhanced Life. I think that it would be worthwhile to explore areas of common interest.

Seminars: Technology for Aging in Place

If you are looking for the Seminars on Technologies for Aging in Place, here they are: Seminar Series: Technologies for Aging in Place The Goal of these seminars: Help older adults, their families, and caregivers understand what products and services exactly to deploy to help them live the way they want for as long as possible — … Read more

Does anyone know of an affordable Home Health Aid robot?

I have found this one but the costs are expensive. Any input would be much appreciated.  I have a functioning paraplegic parent that  I must turn and lift multiple times a day and it is very hard on the human body even with the use of a Hoyer lift. Having an affordable robot like this … Read more

Lifting, Turning, Transferring the elderly and disabled

Hello, as a 65 yr old caregiver for me 91 yr old functioning paraphleghic mother, I have experianced the need for robotic assistants. They are out there but extrememly expensive currently.  Home Health Aids are in high demand but most are not willing to do the daily task of transfering, lifting and turning patients as … Read more

Ideas for Music Source for Memory Care Person

Thanks always for the newsletter which I find very interesting. My husband now lives at the Memory care unit at the CCRC where I live. He loves classic music but that’s one kind of music they do not play in that section of the CCRC. My hope is to provide the classic music in his … Read more

Communication Help

Looking for help with what device(s) is best for two way communication between my parents and I as we are on separate floors. Both my parents have Parkinson's and my Dad has dimentia and needs a lot of help with daily routine and he's unsteady so I am scared of him falling. I've heard baby monitors, … Read more

Hello, I’m Cindy

As a baby boomer and caregiver for my elderly parents, my passion is to serve the senior community with a heartfelt desire to change lives for the better by sharing the best current information for those who need help in any area of senior care. I’m also a real estate professional, licensed with Keller Williams … Read more

Smart Home Pitfalls

I love all things tech and for most of my life have been an early adapter. I'm in my third iteration of "smart home" devices.  We're now to the sweet spot of phone apps, smart switches, lights, appliances and environment control enabled via home network and "the cloud" when away from home. When things go well, … Read more

Augmenting Alexa voice commands with a bedside Flic button.

We have intensely automated lights and devices in our home with Alexa, and in most instances voice control is a wonderful substitute when painful backs and hips and legs discourage us from getting up to go turn things on and off etc.But I use a CPAP machine and mask at night for sleep apea therapy, and … Read more