Ideas for Music Source for Memory Care Person

By: K. Befu. Updated: December 02, 2021.

Thanks always for the newsletter which I find very interesting.

My husband now lives at the Memory care unit at the CCRC where I live. He loves classic music but that’s one kind of music they do not play in that section of the CCRC.

My hope is to provide the classic music in his room without any human intervention.  

We’ve tried Alexa on him but he was unable to start speaking in time and to speak loud enough to Alexa. It was a failure. He’s unable to operate the TV, radio, on his own.  Unable to learn anything new, any new procedures. 

Recommended now by the activity dept., I’ve purchased a clock-radio with a cd player which can set an alarm twice daily. They think it can automatically play his kind of music twice a day. Tomorrow Amazon will deliver it and I will see if really works.

If you have a better idea, I’d like to hear from you.




from marianne apple (unverified) at November 11, 2021

Maybe you could set up a couple of routines for Alexa:
Alexa, play light classical at 10 am. every Tuesday
Alexa, play Mozart at 2pm every Friday


from faengelm (member) at November 12, 2021

I like your idea of using timed Alexa Routines. It could also be done with buttons.

Here is an article on how to set it up


from Kei Befu (unverified) at January 18, 2022

Yes, I've tried that but the patient himself is unable to operate Alexa... still no music.


from faengelm (member) at January 20, 2022

Hello Kei,

Do you have some questions about how to set up an Alexa Routine for the patient?

If you have access to his Alexa account, you can create a routine that plays music at a fixed time every day

Solution: Make Alexa Proactive: Create Routines

If the problem is that the routine doesn't appear to run, you could click the "play" icon in the routine to test to see what the music sounds like


from faengelm (member) at February 04, 2022

Hello K. Befu,

In response to your request for an easy way to play music for your husband in a Memory Care unit WITHOUT having to create Alexa Routines, we just published the article “Solution: Remote Controlled Music for Person in Memory Care”

It allows you to start music on an Echo device in your home and remotely transfer it to your husband’s Echo device

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