Communication Help

Looking for help with what device(s) is best for two way communication between my parents and I as we are on separate floors. Both my parents have Parkinson's and my Dad has dimentia and needs a lot of help with daily routine and he's unsteady so I am scared of him falling. I've heard baby monitors, walkie talkies and Echo Dot. I need something very easy to set up and very very easy to use. What's the best option???
Thank you in advance for help. 

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  1. I’m starting to get involved

    I'm starting to get involved in this situation with my 95-year-old aunt, who has just taken a live-in care caregiver. 

    We are starting with a baby monitor, although I'd like to test Alexa drop-in turned on all the time using two Echo Dots, or two Echo Shows if they want a camera.

    The advantage I see is that I can add a button so that my aunt can call for help if she is unable to speak