Augmenting Alexa voice commands with a bedside Flic button.

We have intensely automated lights and devices in our home with Alexa, and in most instances voice control is a wonderful substitute when painful backs and hips and legs discourage us from getting up to go turn things on and off etc.
But I use a CPAP machine and mask at night for sleep apea therapy, and there are times when I forget to turn off the lights, or set them on voice sleep timer before turning on my machine, and then I am sort of stuck since removing, replacing, tightening and adjusting the mask all over again is an ordeal, especially when I am already half-asleep or woken from sleep.
So I recently bought a "Flic" button once I finally learned that the expensive Hub they try to sell you is totally unnecessary if your phone with their app on it is nearby – my cell phone is on the charger each night right next to my machine, set to display as a fluorescent clock. Then I enrolled the button in their app and created simple ON and OFF routines for the button in Alexa. I stuck the button right on top of my cpap machine so it can't fall off the nightstand and get lost. If I realize that all the lights are still on after I am all strapped up and "speechless" I just click that "Flic" button once to turn all the bedroom lights off, even those across the room from me, and/or a double click to turn them back on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip

    Thanks for sharing this tip on not needing the Flic hub.

    I have been using the hub in my solutions for those without a cell phone, but your approach is great for those who have one.