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Hi Allynn,

That is an excellent idea as Amazon has greatly improved Alexa Routines. You can now invoke an Alexa Skill from an Alexa Routine and even cause Alexa to execute any command that you can speak to Alexa by using “Custom Actions.”

You can trigger Alexa Routine by a time-of-day, motion detection, or even a button and by speaking to Alexa.

So, your idea of your Dad saying, “Alexa, play old radio shows” could trigger an Alexa Routine that would launch the skill “Radio Fun Time.”

You can log into your Dad’s account remotely and create new ones or modify existing ones

I’m thinking “Creating Alexa Routines” would make a good tutorial for my column.

In the meantime, here is an overview from Amazon

BTW, your Dad might be interested in my skill “My Clock”