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Hello Nate,

I am using a Google Voice number with an Obihai OBi200 and here is how mine works:

On an incoming call, I get a display on my Echo Show that shows and says

Incoming call.... from xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number)

Decline  Accept

If I touch the Accept or say "Alexa, answer the call"

I get a new display

End     Dialpad

Then a "non-Alexa" voice speaks (I believe the Google voice) and says "Press 1 to accept, to send a voicemail, press 2"

The phone call is then active

BTW, I was just able to remove the need for "Press 1" by turning off  "Screen calls" in the under "Incoming calls"

This shows that it is possible to make this work


Now regarding your experience, what does show in "Try, Alexa...." in the top line?