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My friend Hazel was a very independent, active, mentally sharp 80+ year old lady who lived alone in our Active Adult community. She was almost totally blind and in her last year of life developed metastatic liver cancer. She had an iPhone and used Siri regularly to call friends until she became very weak from the cancer. 

My brother Frank configured a set of four big Echo buttons to send pre-set text messages to me and her son. When Hazel pressed the button Alexa sent either me or her son a text message "Hazel wants you to call her." She kept a set of buttons (one button to contact me and one button to contact her son) in the bedroom and another set in the living room.

To help her identify which buttons sent a call to her son my brother placed "blind buttons"-little plastic dots- on top of her son's  Echo buttons.  To text us all she had to do was press a button and Alexa sent me a  text message telling me to call her. 

She had an Echo Dot in the bedroom and an Echo Dot and an Echo Show in the living room. If I called her back on my iPhone she could hear me speaking through her Echo Dots so she could carry on a conversation while she was anywhere in the house. If I called her back using the Alexa app on my phone she could see me on the Echo Show screen if she said, "Alexa. Answer the call. She could then see me and I could see her on my iPhone. (and I could see her on my iPhone). 

She loved the Echo Dot in her bedroom because she could tell it to play music while she fell asleep.

Hazel died last June.