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Cell Phones Explored

Circle members explore the various types and forms of cell phones and tablets, with a wide ranging discussion from simplicity of use to visibility of the display.



Falls and their Consequences: Huge Concern

Members of this discussion circle talk about falling, what causes falls, and how the injuries incurred can limit the enjoyment of everyday life in later years.



Calendar for Older Adults: More from SRC

A member tells the group that she would like to see a calendar with a reminder feature to keep her from missing events and appointments that she has posted and forgotten.



End-of-Life Issues are not Black and White

A member asks why there is not an easier way in California (as there is in Oregon) to end life that no longer has quality.



Developing an Online Bridge Game for Seniors to play together

I want to provide seniors a way play games together easily from different retirement communites and residences. Mobility can be an issue, so having a social outlet easily accessible is my goal.



Emergency kits for seniors

This discussion focused on emergency preparedness kits for older adults. What needs to go in them, and why they might need to be different from emergency preparedness kits for the general public.



Older adult pedestrians & traffic: problem

This group discussed the challenges of mixing pedestrians and traffic, especially when the pedestrians are older adults. The context for the discussion were several recent fatalities in which older adult pedestrians were run down. The discussion covered a range of topics



Explorer report: activity tracker and thing finder

One of our circle members shared several interesting products (technologies) he came across this month, including a new activity tracker and a thing finder.



Which iPhone should my Grannie Buy?

At last month's circle we had a presentation from a Middle School student. Her Grannie wanted to buy an iPhone but did not know which one she should buy. The student went out and did some homework and put together this presentation to help her Grannie choose. She was kind enough to come and give the same presentation to our circle.



iPhone, Confusing Home Screen, Too Many Apps

This group briefly talks about what has become a recurring theme. A new iPhone comes with lots of Apps, and the home screen is quite daunting to a new user. Many of our members have wondered to each other "How do we get rid of some of these Apps"?



Personal Locator: no smartphone required

One of our members brought along a "personal locator" that she liked the look of. It does not need a smartphone to work.



Are there "simpler" computers for seniors?

Hear our group discuss this topic. Of course, there are "simpler" computers for seniors. But as the group discusses, is a "simpler" computer what is really needed?



Meet-Up in March 2015

About 20 people came to our meeting at the San Carlos Adult Community Center (thank you City of San Carlos) and thanks to Voler Systems for the pizza. We discussed calendaring, deafness, and numerous other meaty topics.



Arthritis Solutions. How to engage?

This group discussed the need for cross disciplinary engagement to find new solutions for arthritis and speculated a bit about how they might help make that happen.



Eye Dropper to use when shaky

This group discusses an eye dropper that makes it possible to deliver eye drops despite having a shaky hand.



POLST form, Medical directives, Flashdrive or Medallion?

This group discussed POLST forms, why one needs a paper version, and the attractive idea of having one's medical wishes and history accessible with a phone call to a number on a medallion around one's neck, or perhaps on a USB drive attached to one's person.



My friend exhausted their financial resources. What to do?

One of our members described a situation in which her friend had exhausted her financial resources and now at age 80 was unsure what she could do. There was some discussion but no easy answers.



Alert: Forgot my Wallet

The group discussed an idea for a new product of some sort. Something that would help you remember to take your wallet with you when you go to the store. But the discussion branched out in various directions, including what you should keep in your wallet in terms of vital information, and the idea of carrying with you an electronic memory stick with vital medical information on it.



Tile "Thing Finder" Discussion @ SRC

This group had a demo of a new "thing finder" and discussed its strengths and weaknesses. It's designed for when you forget where you left your keys and other things.



Safety at night when out and about

In this discussion, our circle focuses on the desire of one of our members for a widget to help make her feel safer when she goes out at night.



We want a news feed for us

This group of older adults believes the world needs a news outlet for them. It needs to deal with the interests of the over-70 demographic. And according to these people, AARP does not cut it. Maybe it's a magazine. maybe something online.



Phone plans and travel options for seniors

We discussed the need for better phone plans and better travel options for seniors.



Thing-finders. Discussion of how they may be useful among older adults

This circle discussed a new "Thing finder App". Most of the discussion was about all the different reasons why such a device might come in handy.



Good Shape. But Aging Makes Me Depressed.

Growing older makes me depressed. What to do?



Brain Health - Are my parents healthy?

Brain Health - that's a big topic, and a non-healthy brain is a scary thing to contemplate. Yet we all know that, for most of us, as we age our cognitive abilities will decline. We purposely picked the term "brain health" because this isn't just about the many forms of dementia; the topic is...



About the Impact Theme Series

Our Longevity Explorers (hundreds of older adults with ages ranging from 60-95 years old) meet regularly to discuss topics at the intersection of aging and technology.

Among the many topics we discuss in these meetings, we have been exploring some specific themes which we think are going to be very important for older adults in the future, and which in our opinion are ripe for innovation. These make up our Impact Themes, and Uncategorized (or other) is one of these themes.

In these discussions:

  • We share how we do things today;
  • We explore and critique existing products;
  • We talk about challenges we have that we wish products could solve; and
  • We dream up product concepts we wish someone like you would develop.

If you are developing products or services for older adults in the category of Uncategorized (or other), listen to the Longevity Explorer discussions on this page to get insights about how to develop better products and services for older adults.

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